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Recommended by Niigata JETs

  • Name: Donald Keene Center Kashiwazaki (ドナルド・キーン・センター柏崎)
    City: Kashiwazaki
    Website: http://www.donaldkeenecenter.jp/
    A small museum which houses the works of famous author and translator Donald Keene. There are English speaking staff on site. This place also houses special exhibitions throughout the year.



  • Name: Koji Fukiya Memorial Museum of Art (Fukiya Kōji kinen-kan, 蕗谷虹児記念館)
    City: Shibata
    Website: click here
    Description: A small, two floor museum dedicated to the works of artist Koji Fukiya. His influences include the many fashion trends from the early 1900s, both European and Japanese. No English guide available, but still beautiful and breathtaking nonetheless.


  • Name: Tsubame Industrial Materials Museum (Tsubame-shi sangyō- shiryō-kan, 燕市産業史料館)
    City: Tsubame
    Website: http://www.city.tsubame.niigata.jp/shiryou/
    A museum showcasing various industrial arts through Tsubame’s history, ranging from old smithing techniques to modern industry.


  • Name: Kimura Tea Ceremony Art Museum (Kimura sadō bijutsukan, 木村茶道美術館)
    City: Kashiwazaki
    Website: http://sadoukan.jp/index.html
    A very small museum specializing in the art of tea ceremony. Seasonal pottery, tea sets, and calligraphy are on display in the museum. For an additional fee, you can either drink tea in the outdoor garden, or participate as a guest in anedo-senke tea ceremony. There are some English-speaking staff, but they may not always be on-site.


  • Name: Niigata Bandaijima Art Museum (Niigata bandaijima bijustsukan, 新潟県立万代島美術館)
    City: Niigata
    Website: http://banbi.pref.niigata.lg.jp/
    A super-modern exhibition gallery located within Toki Messe. Exhibitions change every couple of months, and vary massively. There is no English guidance, but for those with an interest in a particular exhibition, or those looking for some interesting modern art to inspire them, it’s usually a good bet.


  • Name: Niigata Prefectural Museum of Modern Art (Niigata kindai bijustsukan, 新潟近代美術館)
    City: Nagaoka
    Website: http://kinbi.pref.niigata.lg.jp/english.php
    A large museum with permanent and temporary exhibitions. The permanent collection is a mixture of Japanese modern art and 19th century western art. The temporary exhibitions are generally of an exceptional quality, with collections on loan from various galleries both local and worldwide. Exhibitions change every few months.


  • Name: Saito Family Summer Villa (kyū Saitō-ka bettei, 旧齋藤家別邸)
    City: Niigata
    Website: http://saitouke.jp/
    A two-story, wooden-framed traditional house with a large ornamental garden. Owned by the Saito family and used as their summer villa, the house is open to look around and enjoy every day. For a small additional fee, you can purchase a cup of matcha and a wagashi to enjoy as you overlook the garden. Special events are held throughout the year, and tours/itineraries for groups are available.


  • Name: Niigata Manga Animation Museum
    City: Niigata
    Website: https://www.nvcb.or.jp/travelguide/en/contents/sightseeing/c5.html
    This museum presents the profiles and works of the surprising number of Niigata-born manga and anime artists, and explains the processes by which manga and anime are produced. Information is available in English. Special exhibits are held at various times throughout the year.


  • Name: Snow Country Museum (yukiguni-kan, 雪国館)
    City: Yuzawa
    Website: http://www.e-yuzawa.gr.jp/yukigunikan/
    A small museum dedicated to showcasing the lifestyle and art of residents of the snow country, from past to present.


  • Name: Fossa Magna Museum
    City: Itoigawa
    Website: http://www.geo-itoigawa.com/eng/enjoying/fmm.html
    A geological museum, the Fossa Magna Museum houses 6 permanent exhibitions on Itoigawa’s jade, the Fossa Magna, earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, minerals.
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