Header images from the 2023-2024 AJET Photo Contest.

Every year, Niigata AJET raises money through various events.


Penny Woznicki presenting the 2017-18 donation to the head of the Niigata sector of the Japan Red Cross



In the past we have donated to causes abroad, such as help to build schools in Papua New Guinea and towards improving education and health in the Philippines. After the 2016 Itoigawa fire, Niigata AJET set out to raise money to help the city of Itoigawa get back on their feet.





Past Charity Events

Niigata In the Inaka International Basketball (NIIB)  Tournament

The NIIB Tournament has welcomed mixed teams from multiple prefectures and is  a fun and friendly sports event for the JET community and their friends!

All basketball ability levels are welcome: so it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete amateur 🙂


¥500 from each participant is then donated towards the Niigata AJET Charity fund.

Niigata AJET Charity Musical

The Niigata Musical is one of our biggest events throughout the year. All performances are completely free of charge, the actors only ask that attendees to then donate their ticket fee to the Niigata Charity fund .

Check out the Charity Musical Page for full information on how you can get involved and the dates for the next performance.

Niigata City Scavenger Hunt

The Niigata City Scavenger Hunt is a Niigata AJET charity event where you can meet new friends within the prefecture while exploring the city together. You are given clues to different places in the city which you must find and take photographic evidence.


Skills Auction

As the name suggests, JETs from around Niigata offer up various special skills they have to the highest bidder. This can rage from ski/snowboarding lessons, homemade crafts, original illustrations, lessons in Japanese or even Spanish, computer programming tutorials and even deluxe home cooked meals.



Whether you are North American or not, come enjoy a hot meal with your JET family. A wonderful Pot-luck style dinner where you will able to sample foods from various cultures.



JETs who attend our Annual winter meeting will be able to buy donated books, CDs and Games.


Niigata City Pub Quiz

A British style Pub Quiz will be held mid January for all JETs and their friends.  Come enjoy a night of friendly competition and trivia. Participation will cost ¥500.


Other events held in the past

  • Chili Cook Off
  • Charity Poker Night