Header images from the 2023-2024 AJET Photo Contest.

Due to the Corona Virus, the 2021-22 SDC took place entirely online. But luckily for you, the entire contents of the conference are available for you to view.

Classroom Content Videos:

Don’t be a guest – Be proactive, stay organized! by Coralie Jenny

Do you feel more like a guest than part of your schools? In this workshop, we will talk about how staying on top of your schedule and being proactive can help you have a better relationship with your teachers and schools.


The Reading Niji by Kimberly Fitzgerald, Yuya Nakamura, and Yuko Sato

The Reading Rainbow was a popular American TV show that spread the joy of reading to millions of American children. We hope that through this video you will be able to replicate 12 new activities that will help you spread the joy of reading in English to your students.


Beyond the tectbook: Worksheets and Projects by Beth Maben

The textbook is very useful as it provides topics of what the kids are expected to learn. However, sometimes in terms of practice activities and speeches, it can be lacking or not fit your school’s needs. In this video I will show you how to ideate worksheets and speeches (that the textbook has not explicitly provided) to enhance English learning.


Keeping Attention by Keeping Score by Valerie Spreeman

Games are a wonderful way to learn and have fun in the classroom – this workshop talks about why games are important as well as a few different game systems you can use to keep things fresh and interesting for whatever grammar your students are studying. Let’s make English fun!


Recycling Classroom Activities by Ashleigh Muldrow

Here are a few ideas how to recycle your familiar classroom or English club activities and make them into new games that can be adjusted to fit any content focus.


The Wall, The Bridge, and the Window by Mell Perez

As we go through the textbook, we find that some of the units or chapters seem less interesting than others or that the grammar and vocabulary is very difficult for students to grasp. To add on, students (and even teachers) may be thinking as they sit in English classes: “When will I ever even use this?”. We often struggle to create a reason why we use a certain grammar point or vocabulary word. This workshop aims to show you how to create a purpose for teaching a lesson and how this can make English more interesting as well as define the roles of all those involved in the lesson making process.


Destroying Katakana English by Chris Saunders

Do your students speak English that almost sounds like Japanese (aka Katakana English)? Do you want to do more to help your students improve their English pronunciation? Do you need some new ideas for English pronunciation practice? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place! In this workshop we will discuss the main reasons why Japanese students struggle so much with English pronunciation and some techniques and activities we can use to address these pronunciation issues. ALTs and JTEs will leave this workshop with the knowledge necessary to destroy Katakana English once and for all!!


Ideas for Increasing Student Engagement by Katherine Reida

Do you ever have trouble getting students motivated? Does getting students to participate ever feel like pulling teeth? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there before. This workshop is focused on ideas for increasing student engagement.


Get Ready to Get Ready for the Speech Contest by Jordan Nowlin

The English speech contest is always difficult for students. What makes a good speech? How can we help them prepare? Let’s get ready so we can get them ready for the speech contest!


Life in Japan Videos:

Life after JET by Katelyn DePalmer and Grant Friedheim

This workshop video is intended for JET ALTs who plan on leaving the program this year (i.e. JETs who have decided against re-contracting, or who cannot re-contract). The PAs give a range of tips and advice for the process of leaving JET, Niigata, and ultimately Japan. Topics covered include job-searching, résumés, the moving out process, and adjusting to life back home.


Driving Across Japan by Kimberly Fitzgerald and Taylor Steed

Does your contract require you to drive to work? Does your thirst to explore the Japanese countryside require you to rent a car? Do you want to master the art of backing your car into tiny parking spots? This lecture aims to assist you to accomplish two of the three questions, and maybe give you some tips on the third. We hope to serve as your guide to getting your Japanese driver’s license, as well as provide you with a list of driving related resources ranging from emergency services to where to buy the best car air fresheners.


Mateuvering the Medical System by Kaity Hamill and Clayton Steed

The medical system in Japan might be very different than what you are used to in your home country. In this workshop, we discuss some of the ins and outs of the Japanese medical system and how to navigate them. We go over the following topics: -Finding a Doctor -Prescriptions -Insurance -Medical Emergencies

If you are at all worried about how medicine works in Japan, or have existing conditions and are worried about how they will be handled, we recommend you give this presentation a listen to.