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The purpose of this conference is to bring ALTs and JTEs together to share experiences gained while working on the JET program ; discuss team-teaching and other related matters in order to find ways to enhance foreign language education, and to further develop the JET program in Niigata Prefecture.

All the resources for all the presentations can be found here!

Workshop A

Running an Eikaiwa: For Adults and Children Gannon Tayrien & Kimberly Fitzgerald Resources
Jolly Phonics: A Comprehensive Guide to Teaching Phonics* Taylor Campbell Resources
Getting Kids Talking: How to Encourage Students to Speak in English Oliver Garrud Resources
Meal Prep iz Lyfe: Your Guide to Meal Prepping in Japan Sarah Wada Resources

Workshop B

English Club Reignited Tyler Chilton Resources
Applied Psychology in the Classroom Hannah Wells Resources
無理かな? Challenging Material and the Elementary School Learner George Papp McClellan Resources
Culture and Critical Thinking Jordanne Elliott & Ikumi Okazaki Resources
JHS Panel Discussion Oliver Garrud (Moderator), Melissa Perez, Sarah Rial

Workshop C

Get Ready to Get Ready for the Speech Contest Jordan Nowlin Resources
Welcome to the Elementary School English Roller Coaster Kimberly Fitzgerald & Yuki Masuta Resources
Construct, Carry Out, Critique – Improving Lesson Planning and Implementation Erin Kenny Resources
Learning to Learn Japanese Brendan Murphy Resources

Workshop D

Keep it Fresh. Keep Developing. Eli Pappas & Tyler Chilton Resources
Basics of CPR Julia Macpherson & Cara McInerney Resources
Life After JET* Grant Friedheim & Brendan Murphy Resources
Low Preparation, High Impact Activities Sarah Oeste & Naomi Tawiah Resources

Workshop E

ALT: Becoming Human (Establishing Meaningful Relationships with Others) Stacie Cuadro Resources
Challenging Your English Ability (for JTEs and nonnative English ALTs) Grant Friedheim & Kristjan Bernot Resources
Warmers & Fillers in the Class: the Effectiveness of Simplicity and Adaptablity Eli Pappas Resources
ES Panel Discussion Sandrine Waite (Moderator), Kimberly Fitzgerald, Gannon Tayrien, Ms. Ogawa (Murakami BOE), Ms. Hashimoto (Murakami BOE)

Workshop F

Activity Exchanges

Workshop G

Fitness 101 Yanxiang Tong & Rachel Geshay Resources
Jolly Phonics: A Comprehensive Guide to Teaching Phonics* Taylor Campbell Resources
Modern Media and the Classroom: From Anime to Christmas to Zombies Angela Moore Resources
SHS Panel Discussion Tyler Chilton (Moderator), Carolyne Wilhelm, Christopher Saunders, Mr. Izumita (Kokusai Joho SHS), Ms. Muromoto (Nakajo SHS)

Workshop H

Bringing TEFL into the Classroom Jordan Nowlin Resources
Snowed In: Advice on Getting through the Winter (and JET in General) Starsha Wright & Dominic Wright Resources
Life After JET* Grant Friedheim & Brendan Murphy Resources
Rhythm is Gonna Get Ya: Using Music in the Classroom Melissa Perez Resources


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