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Regional Advisors

What are Regional Advisors (RAs) and what makes them so important?

Niigata Prefecture is the 5th largest prefecture in Japan, and our JETs are spread out across the prefecture, making consistent contact with JETs a significant hurdle for Prefectural Advisors (PAs). RAs provide localized support and in-depth knowledge about their respective regions/blocks to JETs living in said regions, making them a vital part of our support network. Niigata is divided into 10 distinct regions/blocks, each with a designated RA. Let’s meet your RAs!



Juno Valerio

Niigata City

Rusty D.

Aga / Gosen

Paul Turnbull

Tsubame-Sanjo /Kamo

Valerie Spreeman


Alyssa Yomes-Takushi


Frédérique Gamache


Iris Mann


Kiley Short


Nagaoka / Kashiwazaki

Kelsey Bozeman


Sado Island

Alisa Holm





Here are some responsibilities of an RA:

Confirming safety after an Emergency Event and or Natural Disaster

RAs will have the contact information of all JETs in their region and will act as a liaison between their region and the PAs. In the event of a disaster, RAs will be asked to contact JETs in their area and confirm their safety.

Creating a sense of local community and support

RAs are a reliable friendly face for all JETs and are there to answer questions and assist when possible. RAs also act in a social capacity and plan events, most notably the welcome party for new arrivals in their region. This is a chance for new JETs to meet current JETs in their community, with the goal of limiting feelings of isolation and building a sense of community.

Provide localized information

RAs are your go-to person for region-specific questions and issues such as transportation, trash separation, car rentals, festivals, and events, etc. RAs are able to provide local information based on first-hand experience.

Assist at Orientation & Skills Development Conference

RAs, are senior figures in the JET community and are expected to volunteer for such events. RAs can host workshops and sit on panel discussions.