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When searching for ways to send money home, GoRemit Overseas Remittance Service is by far the cheapest and fastest service out there. GoRemit is a service provided by Shinsei Bank. Shinsei Bank acts as an intermediary bank between your Japanese bank account and home country bank account. You will be able to transfer (furikomi) money to your home country bank on the same day or next day. Your Japanese bank does offer a furikomi service straight from your Japanese account to your home country account but depending on banks it will take 3-7 days and will cost almost twice or the same amount GoRemit charges.


  • Register for a “mynumber card” (Japanese version of the social security and tax number system).  For more information about “mynumber card” please click here.

Application Process:

Please download the forms below and fill in all the appropriate information. There will be an attached envelope (free postage).  Please wait 2-3 weeks for process to be completed.

GOREMIT General Info

  • ¥2000 service fee per remittance
  • Same day remittance if transfer is made before 3pm
  • Transfer (furikomi) can be made via: ATM, Internet banking or Mobile banking
  • Download Registration application here: GoRemit Application form
  • To check daily exchange rates click here: GoRemit Exchange Rate

Frequently asked questions about the application

  • Is it necessary for our banks to have a SWIFT or IBAN codes to use GOREMIT?
    No, as long as your bank has one of the other followings codes listed.
  • Do I need to sign with both Hanko/Seal and written signature?
    No, GOREMIT prefers you to use one or the other but not both.
  • Are there any hidden fee’s besides the ¥2000 service fee?
    There are no hidden fee’s using the GOREMIT service, however for Americans there will be an $18 intermediary fee that will not show up on either side of your bank statements. Also, depending on your bank you may be charge with a nominal fee for incoming international wire transfers.
  • I have student loans to pay off. Do I need to send in my loan statements as proof?
    No, on your application please mark the appropriate box (Loan statement: Type of Loan_____) and write in “student” loan.
  • After my registration has finished how can I send money home?
    Once your registration processed has finished GOREMIT will send you your GOREMIT/SHINSEI BANK account information.  Using your bank’s ATM or online banking system you can transfer money to the account GOREMIT has opened for you at SHINSEIBANK.

Updated as of September 2016