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The purpose of this conference is to bring ALTs and JTEs together to share experiences gained while working on the JET program ; discuss team-teaching and other related matters in order to find ways to enhance foreign language education, and to further develop the JET program in Niigata Prefecture.

Below are the workshops held between  2017 and 2019 Skill development conference.


2019 Niigata Prefecture Skill Development Conference 
Workshop title  Presenters  PowerPoint Download
Paper’n’Things: Arts and Crafts Jessica Ing PDF
Negative Feedback Jerome Fernando PDF
How Can We Communicate? Samantha Wolfe & Chieri Satou PDF
In it to Win it: Your Guide to Speech Contest Sarah Wada & Daniel Taylor-Protopapa PDF
Talking the Talk: Studying Japanese William Norton & Melissa Perez PDF
After-School English: Ideas and Activities for English Club and Eikaiwa Jonathan Morrisey & Tyler Chilton PDF
Engage, Study, Activate: A Crash Course in TEFL Nicholas Filipkowski 1 PDF
Simple Phonics & Building Word Recognition for ES (Gr. 3 – 6) Alice Katindig & Taylor Campbell PDF
Life After JET Daniel Taylor-Protopapa PDF
Planning an English Camp from Scratch Ariana Marson PDF
Traveling on a Budget Grant Friedheim PDF
How to Stay Sane and Be Productive on JET Jessica Mancoo PDF
First Aid (CPR and AED workshop) Starsha Wright PDF
Warmers & Fillers in the Class: the Effectiveness of Simplicity and Adaptability Eli Pappas & Tyler Chilton PDF
Challenging Your English Ability Daniel TaylorProtopapa No file
Movement in a Classroom Setting Grace Lui PDF
Earworm: Using Music in the Classroom Melissa Perez PDF
An ALT’s Survival Guide for Last Minute Valerie Cripe PDF
Into the Garden: The Gardener’s
Disante Johnson PDF
Modern Media and the Classroom: From Anime to Christmas to Zombies Angela Moor PDF
Can We? Yes We can! working around the kinks of the new EMS textbooks Penelope Woznicki PDF
Worksheet Magic for Muggles Jenny Stein PDF


2017 Niigata Prefecture Skill Development Conference Booklet (PDF)
Workshop Title Presenters Powerpoint Download
Traveling Efficiently & Effectively Nicki Gentile & Nick Benson PDF
Making English Real: An ESL Techniques Toolkit Sean Callahan PDF
Debate for all Students Matt Klein None
Motivating Ourselves to motivate students Anne Marie Hart PDF
Phonics 101 Chris Linder PDF
No Book, No Directions, too much freedom Courtenay Nimmo PDF
Working with your JTE: ALT and JTE relationships Miranda Ferguson & Kellie Crook PDF
Before the textbook: EMS 1st & 4th grade Richard Thornton None
Challenging your English Ability Janice Laureano & Rachel Stivers-Bender PDF
Being the center of Attention Nick Benson PDF
Basic Collaborative Lesson Planning Bazyl Nettles & Muromoto Hayato PDF
Disaster Preparedness Brandon Howard & Sean Callahan PDF
Connecting, Immersing, Volunteering Tathia MomPremier PDF
New Year, New You! Jess Mancoo PDF
Japanese Cooking Survival Guide Sam Wolfe PDF
Life After JET Janice Laureano & Brandon Howard PDF
Useful Methods for Improving your Japanese Nick Filipkowski & Tiffany Sheen PDF
CLAIR Lecture Jonathan Allred PDF


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