Header image from the winner of the 2021-2022 Photo Contest.

Meet the AJET Captains

President: Claire Nacanaynay

Vice-President: Vacant

Treasurer: Nisa Sabdarali

Social Media Director: Zoe Nugent

Web-Master: Kimberly Fitzgerald

Regional Representatives 

Kaetsu: Kimberly Fitzgerald

Aga/Gosen: Vacant

Niigata City: Kaily Stanton / Jordan Nowlin

Tsubame-Sanjo: Talía Velázquez

Nagaoka: Vacant

Yukiguni: Nisa Sabdarali / Zoe Nugent

JIM Block: Vacant

Sado Island: Emily Withers


So what is AJET?

AJET (Association for Japan Exchange and Teaching)  is a volunteer organisation of JET Programme participants. AJET serves the JET community by building support networks, organizing useful information, and offering resources to enhance the lives of the Programme participants in Japan and abroad.

This is then Sub divided into the Prefectures (such as Niigata AJET ) , allowing areas to create  local events  and support platforms that can bring the prefecture together.

We in Niigata AJET hope we can help enrich your time in this Prefecture we all love and help make many great memories together.

You can check out what AJET does on a National level by going to the national website.

For any questions or enquirers:

Please contact us on niigataajet@gmail.com.

Alternatively, you can also get in touch via our Facebook group for find us on Twitter.