Header images from the 2023-2024 AJET Photo Contest.

Due to the Corona Virus, the 2020-21 SDC took place entirely online. But luckily for you, the entire contents of the conference are available for you to view.

Classroom Content Videos:

All About Cards in Elementary School by Coralie Jenny

Small Talk and Giving Speeches (in the classroom) by Maya Lall

Jolly Phonics—A Comprehensive Guide to Teaching Phonics by Taylor Campbell

Getting Students Talking by Oliver Garrud

Applied Psychology in the Classroom by Hannah Wells

Making the Textbook Relatable—A Demo Lesson by Kimberly Fitzgerald and Yuki Masuda


10 Back Pocket Activites by Andrew Spearman

Working well with your JTE—What to do when they are just not that into you by Dominic Peterson

Classroom English for First Year ALTs by Chris Saunders

Making Movies for Communicative Purposes by Eli Pappas

Beyond the Textbook by Eric Wochholz

English Club and Eikawa Videos:

Let’s Eikawa! Go To: English Communication by Gannon Tayrien and Andrew Richards

Getting Ready for the Speech Contest by Jordan Nowlin

English Club Reignited Remastered by Tyler Chilton


Life in Japan Videos:

Survive and Thrive on a Budget by Valerie Spreeman

Maneuvering the Medical System by Kaity Hamill and Clayton Steed

Avoiding Bananas and Getting Stars—A Guide to Driving Across Japan by Kimberly Fitzgerald and Taylor Steed

Tips and Strategies for Improving Your Japanese Reading Ability by Katherine Reida

Japanese Teachers of English Focused Videos:

Challenging your English by Masaru Yoshizawa, Momoko Yoshida, and Grant Friedheim