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It’s come around again, the time to celebrate and say farewell to those who are heading home this year!
As usual, everyone and anyone is welcome: JETs, non-JETs, JTEs and friends.

There is one space left until all 30 spaces are full! Please post on the event page if you’d like a cabin space.

There are also 4 tents that are available for rent (2,500 yen each).

↓↓ TL;DR ↓↓
Start time: Saturday, June 24th, 5:30 P.M.
End time: Sunday, June 25th, 9 A.M.
Cost (includes some BBQ food + admission): 2000-yen; 3000-yen for cabin stayers
***Please RSVP by 11 P.M. Sunday, June 18th***

Note: There has been some interest in doing an amateur stand-up performance at this year’s Outland Farewell Party, so if you have interest in performing please comment below or message me (Sam Haley) directly!
↑↑ TL;DR ↑↑

If you have any friends that want to join but are not on Facebook, please send me (Sam Haley) a private message, so they don’t miss the guest list.

WHERE’s it at??
A campsite in the middle of nowhere:
4341-2 Shimo-gumi, Tokamachi City, Niigata Prefecture
アウトランド 〒949-8604 新潟県十日町市下組4341-2
Here is a map (in Japanese):
and another map (from Google):

If you plan on arriving at the nearest train stations (Gejo/Tokamachi) please contact me and I’ll arrange a lift to the campsite for you! Bear in mind that Gejo is inaka as all heck so trains on the morning are few and far between. Because of that, it’s recommended you find a buddy with a car to carpool with!

About the location:
Outland is a unique campsite located off Rte 117 in the northern area of Tokamachi called Gejo. The entire campsite was created single-handedly by Mr. Toshikatsu Serikawa. He’s an amateur carpenter by day and a rock star by night (back in Osaka in the ‘70s, his band often opened for Yazawa Eikichi.) He still performs now to big audiences! More info here:
As always,
***Please use the log cabins—as well as the rest of the campsite—with respect***

2000-yen per person.
3000-yen per person staying in the cabins.
*Note: If your name is not on my guest list, you will be charged the same as a cabin-er. Please RSVP in time!

– Because this party is for everyone’s enjoyment, we’re expecting *everyone* from the Niigata family to help clean, and *take some trash home* (this includes all of our attending friends and guests)
– Bring your own drinks and ice chests
***Please drink responsibly***
– There will be a BBQ but we always end up with folks who miss out on the food one way or another so it’s advised to *bring snacks and food*, *breakfast*, etc. Drinking on an empty stomach = bad times! Stop by the 7-11 on the way!
– Bring your own sleeping bags/roll mats (cabins don’t have bedding)
– Bring your own tent (Outland has 4 for rent at 2500-yen each. LMK if you’re interested in renting one)
– Bring your own towel/toiletries for showering (extra cost 300-yen)
– Bug spray is highly, highly, HIGHLY recommended. The bugs out here are MEAN! (I speak from experience…)
– Bring warm clothes for night time!

Thanks for reading to the end.

※日本語訳を希望する方は私(Sam Haley)にメッセージを送ってください。

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