Hey everybody! Sake no Jin is almost here. Have you decided on what you’ll be doing?


Sake no Jin – March 11 & 12 (tickets 2000 in advance, 2500 at the door)
English Sake Seminar (free with Sake no Jin ticket) – March 11

Niigata AJET will be hosting a dinner following Sake no Jin on the 11th at an onsen ryokan. There will also be spaces available for people to stay the night. The after-dinner will be 5000Y/pp. Going to the dinner *and* staying overnight (breakfast included) is 15000Y total. More details are below.

RSVP HERE – – https://goo.gl/forms/v2IeegLRGeaHTzBw1

For those of you who have not been, Niigata Sake no Jin is the largest sake festival in Niigata, and one of the largest in Japan. Based on the German Oktoberfest, Sake no Jin is the best time to celebrate the end of the winter–with some hot food and a good drink.

Niigata Sake no Jin features hundreds of different kinds of sake from all the major breweries in the prefecture, as well as dozens of different local specialty foods. It’s a great time to take in the wonderful food culture of Niigata Prefecture.

The lovely Tomomi Duquette will be giving an English seminar introducing all the different kinds of sake and how best to enjoy them on Saturday at the festival. The seminar is free, but you’ll still need a festival ticket to go (2000Y in advance, 2500Y at the door).

Also, and especially for all the old hands wondering what’s the big deal, this year we’re going to be having a big gathering after the festival at an onsen! It’s a great time to meet up with friends from inside the prefecture, and make new friends from outside the prefecture as well!

The party is being held at Yumoto-kan in Gozu Onsen, Shibata City.
Dinner will start around 5~6pm so people can catch last trains.

This event will be transit-accessible for the entire prefecture, and we are also pleased to announce that rooms are available at the ryokan–we’ve reserved 42 slots for people to stay.

The after-dinner will be 5000Y/pp.
Going to the dinner *and* staying overnight (breakfast included) is 15000Y total.

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