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Come and see the Niigata city show of this year’s AJET Niigata Charity English Musical, Dracula!

This year’s show tells an unheard story of Dracula. It takes place in Niigata, where the evil Dracula sinks his teeth into a group of mangakas in desperate need of money. It’s a brand new adventure that nobody should miss!

Following the recent fire in Itoigawa, the Niigata AJET Charity has decided to help the city by sending funds raised from the musical their way. Come along and support your local community!

Entry to the show is free, but donations to our charity are greatly appreciated – please give as generously as you can!

The show is performed in English, but will include Japanese narration. Don’t worry, we made sure to include many jokes that everyone can understand!

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Doors open at 6 pm.

今年のAJETチャリティー英語ミュージカル ドラキュラ を見に来ませんか?







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