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This year the AJET Musical team are bringing a new twist to the beloved Japanese tail of Momotaro.

Come see these brave good friends; and enjoy their musical adventures.

桃太郎 2:もも姫の大冒険



Nagaoka City: March 2nd  14:30

長岡市:3月2日 14:30

Location: 長岡リリックホール

Joetsu City:  March 2nd   18:30

上越市:3月2日 18:30

Location: リージョンプラザ上越

Niigata City: March 9th   18:30

新潟市:3月9日 18:30

Location: 新潟市中央区東万代町9-1,

Tokamachi City: March 10th   18:30

十日町市:3月9日 14:30

Location: 十日町市 千手中央コミュニティセンター

All shows are free of charge.

All we ask is a  donation of any size to go towards the Niigata Japanese Red Cross.

Our story

The Niigata Charity Musical is celebrating its 24th Production 

In 1997, 10 JETs in Niigata prefecture started a tradition that would change their lives and the lives of all Niigata JETs that would come after.   The Musical still continues strong, and serves to be a unique and important part of life for 

Niigata JETs.

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