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It is nearly that time of year again, the amazing Kashiwazaki fireworks. Held on July 26th every year the Kashiwazaki fireworks are one of the top fireworks displays in Niigata. The display, which lasts around two hours, is held over the sea.

So, what to do?
The Kashi crew will get up bright and early to reserve a position at the beach for the ALTs. At least one of the crew will be at the spot from 5pm ready for people to arrive.The fireworks display itself starts at 7.30pm.

How do we get there?
Parking may be a bit of a hassle so if you are going to attend then trains would be easiest. The beach is around a 15min walk from the station and they usually provide extra trains to manage the amount of people coming to and from the event.

Can we stay the night?
With a bunch of ALTs leaving from Kashi this year, the places to stay are very limited. If you need a place to stay, then contact the Kashi crew and see if they have any spaces available.

Anything else we need to know?
This year unfortunately the fireworks display is on a week night. This means that although it is summer vacation for the students, majority of us still need to go to work the next day.

So come along and enjoy one of the most impressive and amazing fireworks displays that you will ever see.

Time: 5pm
Where: みなとまち海浜公園 Kashiwazaki, Niigata 945-0066

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