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Murakami’s Sasagawa-Nagare is just one of many great locations for a Niigata Stay-cation this summer.

Has the past year given you a travel itch? Does your employer or town still request you don’t leave the prefecture? Then a “Summer Stay-cation” may be just the ticket!

Niigata prefecture’s latest travel campaign named “Tsukattoku!” (使っ得!pronouncedつかっとく!), which translates to “use it” or “take it”, is practically screaming for local Niigata residents to take a vacation on the government’s dime.

This campaign is Niigata’s Tourism Association’s attempt at increasing revenue for the hotels, ryokans, restaurants, and museums hit hard by the Corona Virus.

The “Take it” campaign will give you a 50% discount on accommodations in the ¥5,000 – ¥100,000 price range, or a ¥5,000 discount for accommodations over ¥100,000. In addition, the campaign provides ¥2,000 coupons to each person per day to be used at participating local shops and restaurants.

Grab your fishing gear, your sunscreen, your hiking boots, or whatever else you may need for a fun adventure around Niigata.

Here are the Fast Facts:
  • You must be a Niigata Resident to qualify. (confirmed by Residence Card/ License at Reception)
  • The campaign period is from now until August 31st, 2021.
  • There is no limit on the number of times this campaign can be used within the campaign period.
  • It can be combined with other discounts from local municipalities, but can not be combined with the National Go-To-Travel campaign.
  • The campaign may be canceled without notice depending on Corona Virus cases within the prefecture.
  • To receive the discounts/coupons accommodations must be booked through a participating travel agency. These travel agencies include : リクルートじゃらん  “Recruit Jalan”, るるぶトラベル “Rarubu Travel”, ゆこゆこネット “Yuko Yuko Net”, トラベルウエスト “Travel Waist”, 日本旅行 “Nippon Travel Co”, 株式会社近畿日本ツーリスト “Kinki Nippon Tourist Co”, リロクラブ  “Relo Club”, and JTB
  • For more information, please see the campaign website. Or call their help line at 0570-00-2287 between 9am-5pm.


To get you started planning your “Niigata Summer Stay-cation”, here are some great locations to check out!


Murakami’s Sasagawa-nagare

Sunset lovers will enjoy the rocky shores of Murakami.

There’s no place more summer-y than the beach. And Murakami boasts one of the most expansive and picturesque beaches in the prefecture. Discover secret coves, take a boat ride and feed the seagulls, or just relax and soak in the Vitamin-D. Check out the most popular beaches or discover your own on a scenic drive up the coast. Promise, you won’t be disappointed.


Tsukioka Onsen

Photo courtesy of Niigata Prefecture Tourism Association.

Sweat away your stress in the emerald green waters of Tsukioka Onsen. The waters here are said to have the highest sulfur concentration of all the hot-springs in Japan.

Check out this quaint, walkable, onsen town which hosts a myriad of restaurants, a brewery, and plenty of souvenir shops.


Sado Island

JETS learn to dance to the beat of their own drums at the Sado Island Taiko Center.

 This campaign hits just in time for Earth Celebration in Sado Island’s Ogi Port. This year, the taiko festival will by held in a hybrid online/in-person format. Tickets to see the famed taiko drummers of Kodo go on sale July 9th.

Can’t make it for the concert? You can still experience taiko at the Sado Island Taiko Center, where you can try your own hand at drumming.



Copper hammering experience at the Tsubame-Sanjo Industrial Materials Museum


Knives, Blades, and Hammers, oh my! Get your craft on in the famed blacksmithing town. Take a tour of one of the open factories, or test your skill at The Tsubame-Sanjo Industrial Materials Museum, where you can make some truly one of a kind souvenirs to take home.

Who knows? It might even be possible to stay in a traditional craftsman’s inn.





There are so many other interesting and exciting places to explore in Niigata. We can’t wait to hear what you discover!



Written by: Kimberly Fitzgerald ; Published: July 7th, 2021



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