Koshi-kun T-Shirts


It’s the Koshi-kun T-shirt! Represent your Niigata AJET pride with these customisable screen printed t-shirts!

The design is customisable! You can chose what little Koshi-kun emotion is displayed on the front of the garment. The back is the same graphic for everyone.

You can also chose the colour of the shirt, and the colour of the ink used for both graphics. Size guides can be found here.

These are hand printed in Matsudai, Tokamachi!

T-Shirts and Hoodies are made to order. This means time is needed to acquire the materials, print, and ship the product. We will do our best to be as efficient and quick as possible. But please expect around a 1 month turnaround.

As with all orders on the website, in order to help us – and you – with shipping, please try to get as many of your friends in the area to make an order in one go. This will save us several trips to the 郵便局 and save you money on delivery!

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About the Koshi-kun T-Shirt!

Printed by http://www.matsudai.com/fukusuke/
Design Front Choose from 8
Design Back “Niigata AJET: Living In Japan’s Rice Bowl”
Sizes S – XXXL
T-Shirt Colours Choose from 57 (* means these colours are in limited supply)
Ink Colour Black or White


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