Koshi-kun Stickers


It’s the Koshi-kun Sticker! Represent your Niigata AJET pride with this adorable custom-made, die-cut, white vinyl sticker. These are laptop style stickers, so they are sturdy and good to stick on laptops, water bottles, phones, you name it!

As with all orders on the website, in order to help us – and you – with shipping, please try to get as many of your friends in the area to make an order in one go. This will save us several trips to the 郵便局 and save you money on delivery!

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About the Koshi-kun Sticker!

Product White vinyl laptop sticker
Size 4″ x 2.92″ (Sleepy)

4″ x 2.45″ (Surprised)

4″ x 2.45″ (Excited)

4″ x 2.63″ (Angry)


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