Header image from the winner of the 2021-2022 Photo Contest.

Enjoy a Niigata Stay-cation this Summer!

Has the past year given you a travel itch? Does your employer or town still request you don’t leave the prefecture? Then a “Summer Stay-cation” may be just the ticket! Niigata prefecture’s latest travel campaign named “Tsukattoku!” (使っ得!pronouncedつかっとく!), which translates to “use it” or “take it”, is practically screaming for Read more…



What identifies us as Niigata JETs? Is it the Austrian-Hungarian Reruhi-san? The Niigata City Tokiki? Something else? We’re feeling lost. We need your help. So, we’re turning to the community. Help us decide the new Mascot for Niigata AJET. You can submit a design, or simply have your say in the vote. We want to hear from you!

Momotaro 2 : An AJET Musical

This year the AJET Musical team are bringing a new twist to the beloved Japanese tail of Momotaro. Come see these brave good friends; and enjoy their musical adventures. 桃太郎 2:もも姫の大冒険 第24回新潟チャリティミュージカル。 英語で演枝しますが、シーンざとに日本語で忘末を説明します。 Dates Nagaoka City: March 2nd  14:30 長岡市:3月2日 14:30 Location: 長岡リリックホール Joetsu City:  March 2nd   18:30 上越市:3月2日 18:30 Location: リージョンプラザ上越  Read more…

Culture Shock

“You will feel tired and frustrated, and small things like working out whether a bottle of liquid at the supermarket is soy sauce or fish sauce will start to seem like big problems.”     Many explanations of culture shock are somewhat lacking in terms of understanding why it happens, Read more…