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10 thoughts on “Niigata AJET Locals

  1. My Yakiniku preferences:
    Top of the line- Gyukaku
    Two Gyukaku restuarants in Joetsu, one in Takada one by the 8.
    Nice atmosphere, best meat, sometimes in the raffle you can win some candy or charcoal.

    Cool kids hangout- Yakiniku King.
    New Yakiniku resturant, has tablet ordering system which is handy. All the young kids come here.

    Our regular- “Yakiniku by the onsen” (焼肉カルビ屋三夢)
    The cheapest of the yakiniku, help yourself drink bar (hot strawberry milk), constant Beatles playlist.
    Has a pretty good loyalty card system.

    *Special Mention*
    If you go to Kasugayama Castle Ruins.
    At the top there are two resturants. Both really nice after walking up the mountain
    At 見晴らし屋 (might have to check I have the right one) you can order the Kenshin-Special; Traditional Joestu food, around 12 small dishes, served on two big trays. Like its too big for you to take your instagram photos.

  2. There’s a ramen restaurant in Sanjo that’s pretty lit. It’s called Ramen Jun Sanjo and it serves Sanjo style ramen.

    The actual Yasuda Yogurt factory is also a swanky frozen yogurt place where you can enjoy fresh af waffles and yogurt. It’s in Agano.

    I think it’s on the list but I can’t tell because it won’t open for me, BUT in Gosen there’s a fried chicken restaurant called Torikan. Prepare yourself because that chicken is like crack.
    And afterwards if you’re feeling like a real fatty, you can enjoy gelato at A la Mode

  3. There’s a divinely delicious ramen place in Aga which is my personal fave, called Toenro:
    Then you’ve got Toride in Gosen, some very good chashumen:
    It’s right next to a pretty sweet okonomiyaki/monjayaki place (Monjamura), which has a tabe/nomihoudai menu, too, and is always full so pls book beforehand:
    In Kamo there’s a very good ramen shop called Shin:
    Aga also has a great katsu place, by the name of Katsu Maru:
    Oh, I almost forgot, there’s a place in Agano that does some delicious miso ramen (shop is called Hisago):

    I like ramen.

    1. A bit more about Omihideya: Delicious kushikatsu with of the best items I’ve eaten in Japan. Meat-wrapped green pepper skewers filled with cheese.

      You can also find Denki-buran here. A type of old-fashioned Japanese brandy, which was the first foreign-born alcohol made and sold in Japan.

  4. For sushi, it’s already on the map but I will endorse 軍ちゃん, Gunchan in Naoetsu. Their speciality is 海鮮石焼飯 kaisendonisiyakimeshi; kaisendon with a Korean twist- served cooking in hot iron bowl. Along with the usual, traditional sushi offerings (including daily/seasonal specials) they also have a selection of more izakaya-type fare.
    There’s also すし芳, sushiyoshi in Myoko. I was turned on to this place by Luke, one of the ALTs that worked in the area. The itamae is incredibly friendly and welcoming. Sushi is great. better than Tomizushi at a similar price point.

    For ramen: あづまやらーめん is possibly my favourite place for miso ramen (specifically their vegetable miso ramen). It’s great.
    Soba not ramen but: 雪むろそば家小さな空, Yasuzuka serves authentic soba and tempura. They do 食べ放題 on alternating Sundays.
    麺ぐるい, Naoetsu serves toritonkotsu as a specialty (noodles in a chicken-based rather than pork-based broth).
    たんぽぽらーめん, Sanwa has a varied ramen menu, including the usual offerings (shouyu, miso, shio, etc.) but also serves some more unique fare including Italian and Thai inspired ramen bowls. I particularly like the Thai tomyumkun. This place also has a branch outside Joetsu-Myoko station, but it’s not as good.
    濃厚豚骨 玉家、noukoutonkotsu tamaya, Naoetsu serves pretty good tonkotsu ramen. It’s a relatively new shop. The noodles are good. The soup comes in a relatively small portion, but it’s very rich.
    上越屋, Joetsuya is probably my favourite ramen shop in Joetsu. They serve one type of ramen which the cooks can adapt to your taste when you place your order, as can the toughness of the noodle. Plenty of topping options. This place is great. They have pretty sporadic opening hours though, so check before hand.
    龍馬県, Ryoumaken, near Joetsu-Myoko station is another of my favorite places. They offer a pretty varied menu, including tantanmen, for which this shop is somewhat famous for. This is seriously good ramen. The restaurant itself is very comfortable and cozy, for want of a better word, decorated with antique culinary paraphernalia.

    For ice cream: 雪だるま物産館, Yasuzuka is worth a visit. They serve gelato that is made on the premises. They have a limited selection, but it is absolutely delicious. Flavours vary by season. This place is actually a farmers market, as such it’s a great place to pick up reasonably priced, locally grown seasonal produce.
    上越食道園 is shown as a yakiniku shop on google maps, but there’s also an ice cream factory here, with a large selection of ice cream. At least one of the staff members speaks very good English.

  5. Also milk a goat and eat goat’s milk ice cream at ファーミーランド, Uragawara.

  6. The owner of Gotham Burger, Nagaoka is a cyclist when he’s not serving burgers. So that earns him bonus points. The speciality is THE Gotham Burger, a patty with numerous toppings served in a black bun. A good selection of tasty burgers here.

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