Shirone Giant Kite Festival (7th – 11th June)


This year Ben Lowe in Niigata City is running an event at 白根大凧合戦 (Shirone Giant Kite Festival). While the deadline for joining the team has passed, you are all invited to come and watch one of the Niigata’s oldest and most interesting festivals.

More information on the kite festival can be found on the website here, but the basics are here below:

A group of teams line up on each side of the river running through Shirone, and fight each other with enormous kites, roughly 7 x 5 metres in size! The festival runs for five days at the beginning of June, and Niigata’s very own Ben Lowe is part of one of the teams. The people of Shirone have been going at it for around three hundred years, so rest assured: they know how to fight with a kite!

A map of the event location can be found at this link here. Feel free to contact Ben Lowe on Facebook for more information about the event.

We hope to see a lot of you in Shirone this June!



What: People fighting with giant kites

When: 7th – 11th June, 2018

Where: Shirone, Minami-ku, Niigata City (Google Maps link here)

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