2018 Niigata Prefectural Orientation

Here are links to all the presentations given at the 2018 Niigata Prefectural Orientation held at the Education Centre in Uchino on Friday, 10th August.

Surviving Your First Few Months in Niigata by Ana Puente and Daniel Taylor-Protopapa

Niigata AJET Presentation by Penelope Woznicki

ES & JHS Lesson Planning and Team Teaching by Kyle Sponenberg

SHS Lesson Planning and Team Teaching by Jordan Nowlin and Samantha Wolfe

ES & JHS Self Introductions by Jerome Fernando and Thomas Jenkins

SHS Self Introductions by Angela Moore

Men’s Professionalism and Etiquette by Matthew Klein and Nicholas Filipkowski

Women’s Professionalism and Etiquette by Jordanne Elliott, Jessica Mancoo and Penelope Woznicki

Special thanks go to all the presenters who put a lot of effort and hard work into these presentations for our new JETs!